Welcome to our booktypesetting services! We understand the importance of effective marketing and promotion in maximizing the visibility and success of your book. Our dedicated team of marketing professionals is here to support authors in reaching their target audience and generating buzz around their work. Explore our comprehensive book marketing services below:

Page Size and Margins

Decide on the page size for your book. Common sizes for novels are 5.5" x 8.5" or 6" x 9". Set appropriate margins for your page layout, allowing space for headers, footers, and page numbers.

Font Selection

Choose a readable font for the main text of your book. Standard choices include Times New Roman or Garamond. Consistency in font selection is important.

Chapter Titles and Headings

Format chapter titles and headings consistently, using a larger font size, bold or italics to distinguish them from the main text

Hyphenation and Justification

Decide whether to justify text (align both left and right margins) or use a ragged right alignment (left-aligned with uneven right edges). Adjust hyphenation settings for proper line breaks.