AudioBook Recording

Enter the Thriving Audiobook Industry

For writers venturing into the realm of audiobooks, Amazon Publishing Department presents an avenue to convert their narratives into captivating audio journeys. We empower writers to autonomously record, edit, and create their audiobooks.

Utilize Our Broad Network of Voice Over Artists

An audiobook is a meticulous task, and selecting the right voice-over artist to breathe life into your characters. At Amazon Publishing Department, our skilled voice-over professionals excel in providing diverse options for your story's characters. Proficient in English, Hindi, Bengali, and many more, our artists bring a wealth of experience to the audiobook creation process.

Create an Audiobook to Enhance Your Sales Opportunities

Amazon Publishing Department provides comprehensive audiobook recording services, coupled with assistance in distributing them across leading platforms such as Amazon, iTunes, and Audiobooks. These platforms serve as vital channels for reaching audiences. Additionally, we offer options to convert audiobooks into CDs or include them in subscription plans, ensuring maximum revenue potential.

Refinement of Audio and Post-Production Work

At Amazon Publishing Department, our team of audio engineers works diligently to refine and enhance recorded audio, striving for a flawless and polished result. We meticulously fine-tune volume levels, eliminate any audio irregularities, and seamlessly integrate background music or sound effects as required, culminating in an immersive and professional listening experience.